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Here is a complete list and index of everything that's been made that I decided to put on my site. The list is filterable and sortable. Of course, this site is also created almost entirely by me, but I think that's obvious. :P



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1Air of Silence (Piano) Sep 17, 2013Sep 17, 2013Music8Piano, FL Studio, East West
2Amazing Waters (Piano) Jul 06, 2013Sep 15, 2013Music15Piano, FL Studio, East West
3Another Day Aug 21, 2008Aug 22, 2008Music2Piano, FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral
4Bad Lucker (Orchestral) Sep 12, 2008Oct 03, 2008Music15FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral
5Bad Lucker (Piano) Sep 12, 2008Sep 28, 2008Music3Piano, FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral
6Badder Lucker (Piano) Mar 04, 2013May 04, 2013Music4Piano, FL Studio, East West
7Bipolar Christmas (Piano) Mar 04, 2013May 05, 2013Music9Piano, FL Studio, East West
8Blue Calm Sep 12, 2009Sep 13, 2009Music3FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral
9Closure (Piano) May 04, 2014Sep 04, 2014Music0Piano, FL Studio, East West, Maximus
10Cloudful (Piano) Dec 25, 2010Dec 27, 2010Music41Piano, FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral
11Cloudfully (Piano) Jul 07, 2011Jul 28, 2011Music11Piano, FL Studio, Steinberg Grand 2
12Cloudless Sep 25, 2009Oct 09, 2009Music43FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral
13Cloudlessly Jul 07, 2011Sep 02, 2011Music119FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral
14Darker Stormy Jun 07, 2010Oct 30, 2010Music38FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral
15Darkerly Stormy Jun 04, 2012Jul 11, 2012Music|Artwork30FL Studio, East West, FabFilter, Adobe Photoshop CS5
16Dilo's Shun Nov 22, 2011Jun 23, 2012Music1FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral, East West
17Drifting Sep 20, 2008Sep 20, 2008Music3FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral
18Dusty (Piano) Jul 29, 2012Jul 29, 2012Music10Piano, FL Studio, East West
19Feltip Leaf Apr 14, 2012Apr 20, 2012Music|Art19FL Studio, East West, FabFilter, Adobe Photoshop CS5
20Flightless (Piano) Mar 25, 2014Aug 17, 2014Music1Piano, FL Studio, East West, Maximus
21Fraying Strands (Piano) May 29, 2011Jun 07, 2011Music10Piano, FL Studio, Steinberg Grand 2
22Island in the Rain Oct 13, 2011Dec 23, 2011Music14FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral, East West
23Nightfall Mar 06, 2012Mar 19, 2012Music|Artwork36FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral, East West, FabFilter, Adobe Photoshop CS5
24No More Days Aug 28, 2008Sep 08, 2008Music8Piano, FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral
25Ntohnignses (Piano) Mar 02, 2012Mar 02, 2012Music8Piano, FL Studio, East West
26Open Doors Nov 24, 2008Nov 24, 2008Music3FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral
27Polterghost Theme Jun 11, 2014Aug 28, 2014Music0FL Studio, East West, Maximus
28Raindrops Feb 26, 2010Apr 11, 2010Music75FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral
29Reminiscence (Piano) Feb 01, 2012Feb 10, 2012Music8Piano, FL Studio, East West
30Softly Cheerful Museum Jan 05, 2013Mar 25, 2013Music17FL Studio, East West, Edirol Orchestral, Maximus
31Sparkle May 08, 2011Jun 22, 2011Music38FL Studio, East West, Steinberg Grand 2
32Summer Ice (Piano) May 21, 2013Jun 28, 2013Music10Piano, FL Studio, East West, Maximus
33The Day Approaches Jun 02, 2013Jun 04, 2013Music10FL Studio, East West
34Theme de La Cite des Enfants Perdus (Piano Cover) Aug 13, 2012Aug 13, 2012Music13Piano, FL Studio, East West
35Thousand Keyes (Piano Cover) Feb 06, 2012Mar 01, 2012Music5Piano, FL Studio, East West, Adobe Photoshop CS5
36Timelapse (Piano) Apr 08, 2014Sep 02, 2014Music0Piano, FL Studio, East West, Maximus
37Torment Aug 18, 2008Aug 18, 2008Music4Piano, FL Studio, Edirol Orchestral
38Trickling Winds Jun 27, 2011Jul 16, 2011Music8FL Studio, East West
39Wanderstruck May 11, 2013May 12, 2013Music|Art17FL Studio, East West, Maximus
40Wanderstrucken Oct 05, 2013Oct 16, 2013Music31FL Studio, East West, Maximus
41Winter Driftly (Piano) Mar 12, 2013May 05, 2013Music7Piano, FL Studio, East West