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Date: October 1, 2012 - December 5, 2012

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Version: 1-38

Tags/Keywords: Stock Trading, Tech Trader, Tech Trader Plugin


  Tech Trainer is a plugin for Tech Trader that will allow you to trade historical data as live data feeds, complete with performance analytics and feedback on what you should have done and why.  Doing so lets you practice your trading on years of datapoints without actually living each trading day one at a time.  It also lets you gauge whether you or another's trading skills are what they claim.

0. Access Key: Using Tech Trader currently requires an access key (for protection of algorithms).  Request one at
1. Tech Trader: Go to and click Start.
2. Click the Technicals button.
3. Click the Load Plugins button and locate the included TechTrainer.dll
4. Select Tech Trainer from the Profiles dropdown, then hit Save.
5. Click Action to begin.

  Tech Trader and related programs are all copyrighted and only to be distributed from
  Modification and re-distribution is prohibited without consent of the author at

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