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Dim Lit

July 17th, 2021 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
Another dream that could be an interesting short film...

Returning home to an old apartment building in NYC.  It's not even a full apartment because the door to it is behind a machine in the laundry room in the basement, which is always dark because of lack of windows and only one barely working lightbulb hanging from the ceiling.  

Have some people over, but just people from meetup/networking events, who I could care less about but am too nice to say no to when they reach out wanting to meet to talk about their life problems.  When we get to the apartment entrance in the basement, someone notices the door is slightly open ajar, but no one in the group, including the guy who noticed it, thinks much of it.  They proceed to start sliding the washing machine out of the way to enter.  Someone jokes I should have a security camera set up, but I say I do, which no one reacts to.  I check it on my phone, and it shows some crazy bald white homeless guy, a few feet tall with a scar across his scalp and a head disproportionately large, running around the living room smashing things with a crowbar.  Show someone in the group, but he just laughs and asks when was that, which I say now and he just gets confused.  

Someone from the group nearest the door finally moves the machine enough to fit through and go inside but screams and falls to the ground at the doorstep.  Others get confused and crowd around him only to each one by one scream and also get attacked. At this point, I still can't see what's going on because they are all in front crowding around the door, along with the washer machine being partly in the way.  

Suddenly the bald crazy guy comes running out from under their legs into the open area of the basement.  He nearly grabs my leg, but I climb onto another machine just in time, after which he darts toward someone else instead.  He dropped his crowbar on the ground, which I pick up and toss to another person in the direction the crazy guy is running.  That person tries to swing the crowbar but misses and gets jumped in the face.  He drops the crowbar and stumbles around, grabbing at his head and screaming.  Get close enough to pick up the crowbar from the ground, and see the crazy bald guy is biting and tearing off the person's ear, leaving a pool of blood on the ground. Tell the person to hold still so I can get a clear shot, but he keeps turning and putting his arms up too much, before eventually just collapsing on the ground in another pool of blood.  The crazy bald guy then starts darting towards me again, but I manage to hit him right in the head with the crowbar, knocking him out.  He seems completely out cold, and I proceed to call security on the landline phone on the wall since my cell phone has no reception in the basement.  Someone takes the crowbar from me to hit him again, which ironically wakes him back up, and he jumps on the other person, tearing the person's face off and restarting the process.
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