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God Formula

March 24th, 2019 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
Another one that came to me in a dream. Made more sense right after I woke, but I unfortunately started losing details as soon as I got to writing it down.


The story is essentially a sci-fi thriller movie, where the founder tries to create AI from a math perspective similar to induction instead of the more common approach of fitting to data.  It's counterintuitive but rather than try to create a general algorithm that adapts to specific cases, the founder wants to start from one case and solve for the rest of the world - ie letting the AI define the rest of world on its own volition. In other words, instead of adapting or being an agent in the world, this algorithm plays God and creates it from scratch.  The idea is similar to trying to understand or simulate the current universe by instead creating a new one altogether via man-made blackholes in a lab.  It's also similar to what you do in theoretical math where you define hypothetical systems or universes that still hold up logically even if they don't exist in real life (yet?) - this answer on quora gets the gist of the idea if you're not familiar, as does Data!=Fact.  The founder calls this the God formula, as it goes beyond creating life to creating a being that defines its own world as it sees fit - in other words, creating an artificial god.

The founder's plan is first finding or creating a company that most represents or fits life in the actual world.  That would act as the incubator / breeding ground for the algorithm.  From there, the AI would grow to take control of it.  Simultaneously, the company itself would become more and more integrated into the real world as a massive corporation embedded in all parts of life.


Sadly was woken by snoring and city noise after this in the hostel I'm staying at.  Need to get back to living in my own place.
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