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Passing of Dreams

May 29th, 2010 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
A young influential doctor is called in to assist in the operation of an elderly high-profile patient.  The patient has been left in a paralyzed state by unknown causes but continues to have thought processes and dreams; the paralysis is believed to have a mental rather than physical basis.  New technology by an experimenter is being used that would allow the doctor to enter the patient's dreams in an attempt to free him from his condition.  The doctor was chosen because the technology is not entirely understood, and it is hoped the doctor would be able to figure the situation out quickly once inside the patient's mind.

The doctor is placed into a deep sleep next to the patient, his head in a device connected to the head of the patient's.  The scene pans across the patient's brown eyes to the blue eyes of the doctor, the irises of which are blue.  The doctor awakens in a bed that is not his own and quickly realizes he is in the mind of the patient.  The world he explores is constantly changing.  The people he meet seem real enough at first but do not last very long, either disappearing or changing personalities.  Several times, he also meets a young person with the same name as the patient, leading the doctor to believe the person to be the patient's younger memory of himself.  The patient keeps telling him he shouldn't be here or that it is dangerous, but also tends to disappear (not into thin air but just running away).  He comes to realize that the only consistent entity is the environment itself and that everything in this world is actually the patient.

The doctor then tries to communicate with the patient in some way, but the environment becomes harsher and more violent, signaling the patient's anger and refusal to cooperate.  The patient tells the doctor that "He" is angry and that the doctor should go away before they all die.  The doctor is confused by the 3rd person reference and wants to convince the patient to make himself stop, but the patient has already run away.  The doctor himself becomes alarmed as he realizes that dying in the dream might result in his actual death, leaving his body in a vegatative state.  However, when the doctor is in a near-death scenario, he somehow manages to escape in his panic.  He eventually realizes he is able to influence the environment to some degree and takes advantage of this to remove it entirely to reveal the patient, still as the kid, lying on a table in front of him in an empty room similar to thereal  room the experiment is taking place.  This shouldn't be possible unless it was his own mind/body that the dream was taking place in, but he doesn't have time to think about that.

The doctor is confused at first and examines the patient when the patient suddenly opens his eyes and reaches up.  The doctor panics and accidentally stabs the patient, who slowly bleeds to death.  The doctor notices that oddly enough the patient's eyes are not brown but green.  The patient vanishes, as well as the room, and the doctor is left in an empty white space.

The story leaves the dream to show the old patient's body waking suddenly in the real world, able to move but panicking once he sees his reflection.  In the background, the doctor's body is already standing and stabs the patient from behind, who falls to the floor bleeding to death.  We never see the face of the doctor.  Instead, the scene pans to the eyes of the patient which are revealed to be blue.
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