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The Blue Light is Harmless

December 19th, 2016 | Posted by pftq in Stories | #
The blue light is harmless.
So they say.

Because it is the softest,
the most comfortable,
most calming.

It even prevents suicides.

Because most people,
especially old people,
can't perceive it,
can't see it,
hear it.

A light that can travel
farthest without dimming,
longest without fading. 

Like the low frequency hum
that floods the air,
the water,
the Earth. 

Because it is harmless.

And so they leave it on. 

They leave it on. 

On every machine within your home,
every building outside your window.

Piercing through the night,
through the darkness. 

Pulsing like the final glow of a dying star,
before the greatest moment of its life.

A light so soft yet so penetrating.

Nothing can truly block it.

The blinds,
the walls of your very room,
emit a faint glow. 

That soft glow.

Your very eyes,
even when shut,
continue to see. 

As you sleep. 

Like a rusting pipe
that bores through your eyes,
through the side of your head.

As you sleep.

Like the constant thump,
the dull beat from within,
that never stops.

Make it stop.

Ok, I will.
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