††††††††† You take a deep breath before tossing the blankets to the floor.A sudden breeze grabs your attention, turning your head to face the window.However, not even a single gap was in the boards.

††††††††† You return your stare toward the bed, and startling you, is an old decaying corpse lying in the bed.Strands of gray hair hang from its head, and it has thin, wrinkled, and pale skin.The eyes had long gone; in their place are two empty eye sockets.The corpse is wearing the same clothes you are wearing.

††††††††† Very slowly, almost unnoticeably, the cadaver raises its hand to your throat.Its mouth opens, as if attempting to speak.You instinctively grab a stick lying on the floor.


Should you attack the skeleton?

If you think that a stick would harm it, whack page 33.

If you donít want to take the chance, run on page 32.