The door slams shut behind you with a click as you enter the enormous empty room.  The floor is covered with beautiful, sparkling, glass tiles.  Aged portraits line the walls.  Two brown, wooden doors can be found on both sides of the room – one on your left and one on your right.  A dimly lit chandelier hangs from a towering glass ceiling.  You can actually observe the fierce raindrops rapping against it, striving to enter.  A small, golden staircase lies across the room; a single metal door sits at the top.

          “Wow!” Ben hollers out loud.  “This room is awesome!”

          His voice echoes off and onto the walls.


Where do you desire to go?

The left door lies on page 10.

Opposite of that sits the right door on page 11.

The great metal door awaits you on page 5.