“Ben?” you yell nervously.  “Are you okay?” There was no response this time.

          The door knob rattles restlessly.  Something was trying to open it at the other side.

          There’s no way I’m going in there! you think.

          “B-Ben, I’ll go get help,” you stutter, staggering down the stairs.  As soon as you are off, you dash through the main chamber and out the front door.  You skip right over the bridge and bike all the way home.  You forget to call for help.

          Later that week, you wake up in the morning to find that you are locked into your room from the inside.  Yet, you know very well that there was never a lock on the door.

          “Hey! Anyone out there!” you shout, pounding frantically at the door.  “Open this door!”

          There is a sudden high-pitched laugh behind you.  You flip around to spot Ben staring straight into your eyes, pale and faint.  He is so dim that you could see right through him as he glides toward you without a sound.

          The last thing you notice before blacking out is that you aren’t in your room.  It is back at the old mansion.


Welcome to the Dead!