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Feb.26 - Apr.11 2010


As the title suggests, think of rain when you hear this song. Think of rain in all its forms (drizzling, shower, storm, hail...) and then think of the sun when it begins to emerge. The initial idea was for the piano to represent rain and the flute as either life in general or the sun (just something counter to the chaos), but it's really up to interpretation. I just happened to think of this song during a rainy day. Razz

I had the theme going in my head for almost a month before I was finally able to record it; initially I kept playing it in the wrong key signature and even after I've finished the song now, I don't think I actually got the right one. -_- If anyone knows an easy way to shift all notes up or down a few steps in FL Studio (all channels + patterns), please let me know (but then I might end up even more indecisive Razz ). I actually have a version of the song shifted up to an A-flat key instead (correct me if I'm wrong; I can't read music), but it's only in piano: Raindrops (Piano) (can't decide which I like better)...

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Replaced the part of middle that was repeated twice. It now has a flute section that should sound much better. Razz The only things I'm worried about right now are transitions (it seems sudden to have the flute) and that I might clutter the main "theme" of the song (you never hear the middle theme again after the flute).

Also, there are still two endings. I think I want to keep both. Let me know if the song sounds weird this way though (I tried to make it *not* sound like it was ending twice, but maybe it still comes off that way).
Apr 09, 2010
An organ? Where would that go? Shocked A lot of the lower notes (piano) are already playing in the bass as well.

I'm actually leaning towards keeping both endings right now, partly because I can't decide between the two but also because I managed to vary the second one a bit. It seems to complement the first "ending" more now. Let me know if you guys think otherwise. Razz

I also really wanted to make it end on a happier note, but I guess I slipped somewhere while playing the notes - I guess by Ben's standards though, it's not that sad either. Razz
Apr 07, 2010
yeah a kinda have'ta agree with kerogunso, and also you should add more of an organ or deeper sounding piano in it to make it emotional...if thats what you going for anyways Confused
Apr 06, 2010
Ok, got rid of the reverb - hated it. It made the instruments soft.
Overall suggestions I got were adding more of a lead instrument throughout the piece. Someone suggested a flute - I added one toward the second ending (5:40) and before the first (3:20)... Does it sound out of place or is it okay? It seems to have a bit of an Asian tone to it. Razz
Apr 05, 2010
ava likes! ^o^
Apr 04, 2010
Added somewhat of an ending..? It just ends in a splash.. I'd prefer it slowing down gradually instead though, but I'm not sure yet on how that will work out.
Apr 04, 2010
it feels like the type of music that brings back memories to me. lol aww it's not finish! D:
Apr 03, 2010
Updated. ^_^ It's still missing a lead instrument though - mainly just background instruments playing right now. And it obviously has no ending because it's unfinished.
Apr 01, 2010
Because that's all I remember. -_-
Mar 30, 2010
awww why so much repeats? but i like the begining tho =p
Mar 30, 2010

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