June 12th, 2010
Posted by pftq

"Cloudless" & "Raindrops" Songs Remastered

Just for the record, I usually listen to songs using Etymotic earphones, so I’m able to pick off details from the music very well. I guess that was part of the drawback of using them when writing music as well because I never realized how muffled or quiet my songs were until I tried playing them on some crappier speakers. :P

So I just spent the last two days applying EQ and compression to two songs I already made. The compression helped a lot for “Cloudless” (no EQ needed) but “Raindrops” just has too many instruments going on at once. Compression only took it so far, and any EQ I tried to apply to it just really distorted the flute and strings. Right now, I’m just using a Limiter and a little bit of filtering to remove any clipping while just increasing the volume on the song. I added a little bit of EQ to the song but avoided affecting the strings (really want to keep the dynamic there). Either way, it’s much better than it was before in my opinion anyways. Of the two, “Raindrops” will sound the most changed, almost as if a muffling wall has been removed so you can hear the instruments better. I might have been listening to them too often to hear anything wrong anymore though, so let me know if any part sounds distorted or odd. :P



I read somewhere that classical music generally does not use mastering due to the importance of dynamics. Wishful thinking on my part on an excuse not to master my songs, but at the same time, I do not want the songs I make to sound so quiet compared to everyone else’s. :(

On a side note, I’m revisiting an older song I started last year called “Darker Stormy” (check it out). Right now I just have a short draft up, but it should give you an idea of what kind of song it’ll end up being. Progress is slow at the moment because I keep forgetting the song as soon as I sit down to record it, but we’ll see. :D

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