June 17th, 2006
Posted by pftq

AOE3: Observer Map Pack!

Started and finished in less than a day! :D

           All Standard ES Maps set up as 1v1 with Observer Mode. Non-rated. Comes with the option to select Random All or Standard Observer Maps!
         This mapset was created due to a lack of Observer mode in the normal Age of Empires 3 game. There was no way to have a game played with extra players not part of the game to watch. Originally pftq only created one map with Observer Mode, Saguenay, which was requested by Mokon. The complete set was eventually created by him and with the help of realn after much positive response from the original.
         Warning! A overwrite-proof setting has been applied to the files. This means that if you have a bad or partially downloaded file, ESO will not let you overwrite it. If this happens, please redownload from here. Don’t distribute your bad download!
         Note! To use the Random All or Standard Observer Maps - everyone must have every map in the pack!
        More info HERE!

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hYeSunG says...

umm..er...yeah..you know what i mean...:mrgreen:

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