July 19th, 2006
Posted by pftq

WiB: Episode 1!

        Originally, I intended to release WiB (which I still don’t know what it should stand for) as one long movie.   WiB is the story (if you can call it a story) of three “secret agents” who aren’t doing quite well in their jobs.   Through a series of rather random and very strange events, they may be able to prove themselves worthy once more.   More information can be found at the main WiB page.

        It is indeed very long  - so long that I considered releasing in short episodes instead.   The first episode focuses on the latest mission given to these three agents.   Will they succeed? What will go wrong this time?

         A quote from the sypnosis of the episode:

“Three secret agents - Ray Dargen, Tom Boici, and Jacky Hammerhead - are constantly failing their missions. No matter how difficult, no matter how easy, they always mess it up one way or another. They are on the verge of being fired and have little chance or redeeming themselves. Their upcoming task is a simple one. Protect the bank from being robbed. Will they they succeed in their latest assignment?”

        The video comes in two qualities, high and low.   The video is streamed however so I’d suggest trying the high-quality version before resorting to the low quality.

Everything related to WiB, including Episode 1, can be found at the WiB Main Page.

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