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Image Resources

Resources and tools for creating images, video, and more...

     Below are some useful sites to look at if you make any visual form of multimedia.  Usually, I will try to list only free sources rather than those that require a subscription.

Interesting Photoshop Tutorials

Recreating the Dreamworks Logo with Clouds and Sky - Some of the image links are broken, but the instructions are still there and the end product is fantastic.

Ring of Fire - Doesn't have to be a ring.  You learn to create realistic looking fire in general and can bend it however you want.

Photoshop Brushes

Free Brushes - Very nice free brushes for music, leaves, lightning, ribbons, and more.

Images and Textures

CG Textures - Huge collection of free textures. Aimed at CG designers but can easily be useful for video, photoshop, web design, etc.
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Added on Jul 01, 2009 | Last Updated Aug 17, 2010

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