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Yahoo Mail - Archiving Messages

Downloading emails from the Yahoo Mail...

     I just spent the last 2 hours looking for how to download emails off of Yahoo.  It is normally under Mail Options, but after they "upgraded" the interface, a lot of features went missing.

     To archive your messages, you basically have to find your way back to the old Yahoo Mail Options page.  Yahoo's Help site would tell you the feature no longer exists but it's still there, just buried.

To get there yourself, go to:

     1. Mail Options
     2. Calendar
     3. Mail (on the left under the "old" Options menu)
     4. Archive Messages

     Now assuming Yahoo is gradually still converting everything over, the above steps may soon no longer apply.  If that happens, here is the direct link which is probably worth saving:

     Old Yahoo Mail Options Page:
     Yahoo Archive Messages Page:
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Added on Nov 11, 2010 | Last Updated Nov 11, 2010


James says...

It looks like if you go to Options > POP & Forwarding
Yahoo! now lets you download your messages via POP.

I think that used to be a "premium" feature.

I decided to post this comment because this is the firs search result on Yahoo! (Bing?) search for "archiving yahoo mail".

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