Age of Mythology Design


     Age of Mythology was where I first went deep into scenario designing. I started with a simple multiplayer map called Four Corner Killer consisting of four seperated players divided by walls. In the center was a releasable titan. It held several special effects.

     My second attempt was a large-scale campaign called Tifflrol's Journey. This can be considered my first time really trying at making scenarios. This campaign I unfortunately never finished. I may have tried a little too hard as I redid the first level 3 times, redid the prologue 2 times, and almost decided to redo the second level. In result, the second level looks as if done by a different person as the first level was done when I had more experience.

     One of my more popular creations was designed in this game. Mythic Cops was interestingly enough done without thinking it would become something great at all. It wasn't done carefully like Tifflrol's Journey; not that much effort was put into it. The full movie was working and watchable within a week.

     I left the game after becoming involved in a school video project. It was impossible to pick up with where I left off with Tifflrol's Journey and I could hardly recognize my own work.

     My full history with Age of Mythology / Age of Empires III can basically be found if you search pftq and HeavenGames on Google.



Mythic Cops

Mythic Cops

February 21 2005

     Mythic Cops is a wacky story of two cops (Jacobble Stone and Carshoo Lase) attempting to catch a dark and powerful sorceror named Sorrowman - for speeding over the 5 MPH speed limit on Highway LoLoL. The chase leads our two characters from their home in Greece to dark and creepy caves. In their attempts to write Sorrowman a ticket, the two policemen may find themselves in an crazier adventure than they bargained for.

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Tifflrol's Journey

Tifflrol's Journey

July 21 2004 - October 9 2005

     A Norse Hersir named Tifflrol has his village invaded by a witch, Circe, and her army of creatures. He and his small army fight but get taken as prisoners. Circe uses them for practice with her magic, turning them into various creatures.
     Circe accidentally turns Tifflrol into a super Promethean (she doesn't know it). Tifflrol doesn't know this, escapes and sails home. His former allies chase him to the top of mountain and he lives there for a while, protected by a storm that surrounds the mountain.
     Eventually, he gets a dream that a special pond on an unknown island will cure him. . .

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War of mini-Empires

War of Mini-Empires

March 21 2005

     War of Mini-Empires is an extremely customizable multiplayer map by default played in Conquest Mode. Basically, two players may take as long as both need to build up their empires on opposite ends of the map. A supernatural invisible bearier seperates the two from fighting or doing damage to each other. Even Godpowers or flying units may not pass. When both are ready, they both kill their Shades or War Starters and the War begins!
     Note: After an hour, any player may kill his shade and start the War - even though the other player doesn't kill his shade.
     However, many special features are available. The main key to all these is the Son of Osiris (uber). This character has a special ability to awaken hidden or secret units from various places of the map. You will receive chat when you reach such a place. In the beginning of the game, he is awakening the Guardian, an almighty Egyptian unit.

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