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 Steve Irwin, Hero And Eccentric Defender, A third sequel

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Posted: Aug 4 2003, 04:54 PM
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"Quick unite the Galactic Action Squad for one final mission" shouted Frosty

" Who are the Galactic Action Squad" asked Steve Irwin

"You don't know who the Galactic Action Squad is" Frosty shouted

"Nooooooo" Steve replied sarcasticaly "and Crikey stop shouting you freakin talking snowman"

Just then the doors opened and in walked the five members of the Galactic Action Squad known as G.A.S and a voice over the P.A. announced their arrival as horns played.

"Wally the Wiskey Drinking Walrus' the voice announced "next is Sid the Seasick Sailor"

The crowds gathered as the two waddled and swayed their way in.

Again the voice over the PA blasted "Sven the Swedish Meerkat and Gordon the Grumpy Hairdresser" and the crowd went wild.

Just then a chant began to reverbirate throughout all of Italy. For everyone knew who the last member of G.A.S. was and disappoint the crowd he did not.

The last member of G.A.S. burst thru the doors and before he could be announced Steve Irwin blurted out "Crikey it's Richard Simmons"

The first amendment gives you freedom of speech it does not give you permission to yell FIRE in a crowded movie theater, slander or commit libel.

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Posted: Aug 4 2003, 08:15 PM
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a huge robotic arm reached down and grabbed Steve. Everyone looked up and saw Mechagodzilla with Tommy the Tyrant Turbo Turtle on it's shoulder.
"Dr. Dumbguy will be pleased when he hears i captured steve irwin. Mwa Ha HA!!" he cries."And just so that you losers don't interfere, here's a nice gift."
Mechagodzilla tosses Pres. Mojo with a huge can of soda straped to his tail. Then Mechagodzilla speeds of.
"If we don't do something all of italy will be flooded with Diet Pepsi!!" yells Nessie

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