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Posted by: flamethrower Mar 6 2004, 10:32 AM
I noticed that not many sites have info on this. You might want to refer to the "Knowing the ZTD file" tutorial below this topic before continuing. First of all, change your ztd file into a zip file and extract. We will be working on the extracted files.

Special Notes before starting:

######## = your object ID number given by APE
**** = whatever you want to name it.
Name_of_sound_file = the name of the sound file. NOTE ALL SOUND FILES MUST BE IN WAV FORMAT!
# = any number

Attenuation is how muffled your sound is. The higher is more muffled and lower is louder.

  To add sound to your object, simply go into your ucs file with Notepad.

Under the [Members] section, type in the below:

name = Name_of_sound_file.wav
attenuation = #

Save and exit Notepad.  Rename the extension of the ucs file to ai.  It should look like instead of ########.ucs

Now go into the main directory right outside the folders Scenery and Objects.  Right-click the white space (which is nothing) and highlight New.  Click Text Document.

Rename the file and extension to bldg****.cfg

**** is whatever you want to name it, but you want to have a unique name because if another person used the same name, your creation will either be overwrited or overwrite the other.

Edit the CFG file with Notepad.  Inside, type in the below:

######## = scenery/other/

Now you are done with all of that.  Simply place your sound file in the same directory or folder as the CFG file.

Zip up Scenery, Objects, ****.cfg, and Name_of_sound_file.wav into the same zip folder and rename zip at the end of the folder to ztd.

Put it in the game and test it.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask. orca.png

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