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Posted by: flamethrower Nov. 26 2004, 11:08 PM
Little Note: any line with ";" in front of it is notes (for me or wherever I copied the text from). This means ZT skips it - you may or may not have this line but it doesn't matter.
Ok Slot Positions:
16 = half a tile. 32 = 1 tile.

;spots outside the building where guest paths to
entrpos=0 -------------------- This is the position from left to right. 0 is the middle, 16 is half a tile towards the right of the middle.

entrpos=48 ------------------ This is the position from back of the building to front. If you want the entrance in the front of your buildings, multiply the footprint by 16. It's the spot guests PATH to, so add another half tile - 16 more. If your building is 3 squares front to back, it'd be 16x6 + 16. ZT can be tricky so always test.

^ Add 16 until you get to the tile you want (2nd tile from the left would be 64 > 0 + 32 + 16. You don't want the guest at the edge of the 2nd tile)

;spot to place guest in once thy've used the building

^ Same as the first.
This is really all you need to know about slots.

About the Capacity line at the bottom, keep it the same as the first Capacity line.
Also, on this section (stuff after the ';' may not be there as said above):

;would restrict this slot only to "man"

It's exactly as said. If you remove the ';' after id 9503, it's only for man. So if you put the id=## of kids or woman, it'll restrict the building only to that type. I have never tried with animals though.

Making two slots (like the Shark Tunnel) isn't much different - but I'll explain later.

Posted by: yellowrose Nov. 26 2004, 11:34 PM
ok...I think it makes sense

Question my building is 5 square wide so that would make the enter point at 80 is the exit point the same number ??

he he the building is for people to go into and learn about wolves. no trying anything for animals yet although White Panda asked if i could program a shelter

Posted by: flamethrower Nov. 27 2004, 01:28 AM
Yes use 80 but sometimes ZT can be tricky so just try it out - if the guest's a little off (not center), adjust as needed.

Exit point is the same. The only reason you ever change it is if you want guests to come out on another end of the building (shark tunnel).

Posted by: flamethrower Dec. 7 2004, 08:58 PM
Oh my gosh. I've really messed up... the two lines are the other way around. The first is the horizontal position and the second is front to back. My apologies. Anyways it's fixed now. triblush.gif

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