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Zoo People > Tutorials > Changing Animal's Prefered Shelter

Posted by: ker-kes-shu Jan 8 2004, 01:58 AM
How do you change an animals preferred type of shelter.

I dont think this can be done in Ape but I put it in this topic because it pertains to APE somewhat.

Posted by: flamethrower Jan 11 2004, 06:43 PM
You know what a uca file is? Well, that ztd file you make - rename ".ztd" to ".zip" and extract it.

In the animals folder will be the uca file. Open it with Notepad.

Find the area like this:

v = 9410
v = 10
v = 9405
v = 10
v = 9400
v = 10
and so on dry.gif

Find the id numbers of the shelters and on the line under that will be how much the animal likes it. smile.gif

When you're done, save and zip up the "animals" folder. Make sure you put ".ztd" instead of ".zip" at the end of the name when WinZip (or other) asks for the location of the file.

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