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Posted by: Niniev Jan. 15 2003, 08:15 AM

Please can someone help me as my Marine Mania keeps Crashing!! This has happened with DD and MM, but not sure about ZT itself. I have no downloaded animals, objects or even UXP, just the basic game as was from install. MS can't seem to help and I throw myself to your mercy.

The PC is an HP with WinME, 1ghz AMD Athlon, 120gb HD, 384MB SDRam, also has DVD, CDRW, USB2 and an Radeon 9000 Pro gfx card with 64mb on board memory, with AGP support up to AGP 4x, DirectX 8.1 ( Uh..... Nope can't think of anything else just now about this system.

Have got new ATI drivers and Bios, Norton is up to date, Windows Update on the Sys is clear, even my AGP and Via drivers are up to date.

ISP is AOL, but that shouldn't make a difference - should it??

Usually shut down all background tasks when playing ZT, except for "Explorer".

Any help will be received with great thanks, as whenever I play I go to place a path, object, fence, tree etc, it hangs on me, an the PC beeps at me!!!

Please help me.....


Posted by: ZtDesign Jan. 15 2003, 08:27 AM
test to install only zt ..if that crash to then i recommend that install another OS and see if that helps ..might be that ME doesnt like ur ZT games tongue.gif ..try to install Win98 or WinXP ..thats the only thing i can think of ..also ..i dont know much about ME ..but isnt there a admin (or something) log-in on that ..are u sure that u have the rights (sorry for my english ..hope u understand) to install things?? ..cause if u dont then the games might not be properly installed

Posted by: beefsteak Jan. 15 2003, 10:51 AM
Are able to get into the game at all or does it crash while you're playing?

Posted by: Aussie Koala Jan. 15 2003, 11:24 AM
for beefsteak smile.gif
whenever I play I go to place a path, object, fence, tree etc, it hangs on me, an the PC beeps at me!!!

I had Windows ME on my old PC and played up to DD successfully. Has this just started occuring since the day you installed DD/MM or later on?

You have not said you have tried this, so I suggest it in case. You should try completely unistalling everything, original ZT included. Do a disk clean up/defrag etc. Reinstall from scratch and see if problem still occuring. unsure.gif

edit; Just something else I thought of as I had to do this recently myself.
Visit the Hewlett Packard website and do a search on your HP model and update for Windows ME.
(I recently had to install a patch HP made so that my pc works with the Windows XP SP-1.)

Posted by: beefsteak Jan. 15 2003, 11:27 AM
Oh I didn't catch that sorry. smile.gif

Yup it sounds like you PC so I'd take AK's advice. Then if you still have troubles, come back because I do have anther theory.

Posted by: Niniev Jan. 16 2003, 04:27 AM

Still nothing after a HP update, and yes it seems like since i updated to MM it won't play.... Hmmmm, can play DD but not MM.

Booooooo Hisssss. I want an Orca show sad.gif

Please help, I will pay Cash!!!!! tongue.gif


Posted by: Niniev Jan. 16 2003, 06:03 AM
Dunno if this should be a new post but hey here goes anyway.

If you have WinME and are finding that Dino Digs or Marine Mania are crashing or "stalling" when playing, try these tips first:

1) Click the "Start" button then select "Run"
2) Type "dxdiag" then enter - This will open up the DirextX Diagnostics Tool
3) Select the "Display" tab at the top of the window
4) Under DirectX Features find the line "AGP Texture Acceleration" and select "Disable"
5) Select the "Sound" tab at the top of the window
6) Under DirectX features you will see a slider bar, move to the left until it reads "Basic Acceleration"
7) Exit the DirectX Tools
8) Restart your PC
9) Play MM and DD to your hearts content

Hope that this will help you all, and as much as I would like to take credit for this, I have to thank my friends at PC Format for helping me out here as they fixed this in about 5 minutes!!!

Thanks for all the help and advice that the Forum users gave me, as that has also helped me enjoy my MM and DD as well, as the full install may have helped the system improve my gaming experience.

Thanks again,


Posted by: Loewenfrau Jan. 16 2003, 07:33 AM
Thanks to YOU for posting it ! smile.gif

I will pin this . I'm sure it'll be of help so other peoples


Posted by: rovingcowboy Feb. 8 2003, 07:43 PM
there is one other thing that you did not mention winMe as well as winxp will check the health of the computer system from time to time. it is not that much trouble on winxp because of the speed of the cpu's needed for winxp. cool.gif

but on winMe, it will casuse a lot of trouble. i found while playing mmc2 it will check the health at a time and if i am playing at that time the game starts to get frame dropage and stoppage or even crashs, sad.gif

the thing to do in order to stop it from checking is go in to the control panel and in to the scheduled tasks now on the menu on top you see the advanced link. click on it then on the drop down menu click on pause task scheduler, it wont start up any ms programs on you and your free to play the game.

just remember to un pause it when your done playing the game. biggrin.gif

there is no other way to pause the ms scheduled tasks that they want your computer to run. i tried to use hotkeys and other programs but the only way on win Me i found is the pause the scheduled tasks. wacko.gif

Posted by: Aligator Apr. 8 2004, 07:30 AM
Zoo Tycoon The Complete Collection won't work. triangry.gif
If anyone could find any of the many posts I made on this forum
about it then it may be of help.
I posted about how much memory I had and stuff like that, but I'm sure I have enough.
It's a shame because the first disk works by itself but marine mania won't load properly.

I want orcas and dinosaurs! tricrying.gif

Posted by: pixel Apr. 9 2004, 08:27 PM
Alligator, please check your other thread ... it's much easier for everyone if you keep all your questions and info in the same place.

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