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Posted by: Aussie Koala Mar. 14 2003, 11:27 PM
You will need WinZip. If you don't already have it, you can download it from WinZip's website. Now remember, this is a trial version you're downloading and the license for unlimited use costs around $30. As it's a program the entire family can use for many things, it's well worth the investment.

#1. Download the Invisibility Fix program from

#2. You'll notice that this is in a zipped format. In the .zip file you'll find two files: the program itself, and a small readme file.

#3. Double-click on the file, and choose to extract it to your hard-drive. If you want, you can extract it to a folder on your hard-drive, in which you can keep the program and the readme file together.

#4. Next (using WinZip Classic), extract the .ztd file that you are wanting to fix to your hard-drive. In order to do this, you'll need to double-click on the file and tell it to open it with WinZip. At this point you can associate .ztd files to open with WinZip every time you double-click on one. Now, choose 'Extract' from the options, and extract it to your hard-drive. This will create a new folder (directory) called animals if it's an animal, or scenery if it's a scenery object.

#5. Now run the Invisibility Fix program. You can either execute it through Windows Explorer, add a shortcut to your Start menu, or have a shortcut to the program on your desktop.

#6. When the program starts, you'll be presented with a small box that says, 'Welcome to Mark's Zoo Tycoon Invisibility Fix. For this program to work the .ztd file must be unzipped." Now click 'continue'.

#7. You'll then see a small window box that is basically a map of your hard-drive. Using the box on the left side, find the animals or scenery folder (directory) in which the file is located, and double-click on it. In the right-hand window you'll see the file that you need to fix (in the case of an animal it's a file with a numbered name with the extension .uca). Now, double-click on that file.

#8. At this point, another box will be brought up showing the folder (directory), filename, and APE ID number, with a message below it saying "Congratulations. Your object or animal should now be visible. Please re-zip up the files and folders and place the new .ztd file into the ../Zoo Tycoon/Updates directory to test." followed by how many animations the file contains for the male, female and young.

#9. Now, if you want to fix another file, select Another Invisibility Fix, and if not, select Exit.

#10. To re-zip the folder, which is in essence your animal or object, right-click on the folder in Windows Explorer, and select 'Add to Zip'. At this point a WinZip window will come up for archiving the file, and you can name the file whatever your .ztd file should be named (example:my

#11. Now in Windows Explorer, you should be seeing this file. Before you can put it in your game you'll need to change it from a .zip file to a .ztd file. In order to do this, you'll need to be able to see the extensions of your file names, which by default, Windows Explorer doesn't allow. If you can't see the extension, go to #12.

#12. I'm not sure about other versions of Windows, but to change this setting in 98X, you'll need to click on view>folder options>view, then de-select the box that says Hide all file extensions. You may need to change this setting back a few times when opening Windows Explorer again, as sometimes it seems Windows Explorer won't believe that you really want this option set this way and will change it back to the default setting

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