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Posted by: casey Apr. 23 2003, 03:48 PM
Microsoft has reserved the string IDs 8300-8999 for user made downloads. I am starting this topic so we can keep track of the ID's used in downloads.

8304-8307 Gravel Path, Ice Path (ZT Design)
8309-8310 Igloo Shelter (ZT Design)
8311-8320 Deepsea Restaurant (ZT Design)
8336-8342 ZA user awards 2
8343-8350 Lumberjack Theme pack I (ZT Design)
8351-8356 ZA user awards 2
8357-8362 Lumberjack Theme pack I (ZT Design)
8363-8367 ZA user awards 2

8371-8385 ZA Invisible fence pack (Zoo Admin)
8386-8399 Hotel Chain (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
8400-8412 pk fence pack, pk scenario packs (Zoo Admin)
8413-8425 pk scenarios packs I, II and III
8426-8460 pk scenarios, update cats

8464-8466 Entertainer @ ZKNL
8467-8469 3D Bios @ ZKNL

8496-8497 Cybercafe (JBSP)
8498-8499 Western Postoffice (JBSP)
8500 Menuhack (JBSP)
8501-8504 WesternPakket (JBSP)
8506 Megamap (JBSP)
8512-8516 1staid
8517-8519 Greek bathroom
8520-8522 Generator
8523-8525 Construction site
8526 Menu Hacks and Freeform/Research Unlock
8527 Wooden Bridge Pack
8528-8532 Catfish Haunted Castle
8533-8534 Wooden Bridge Pack
8535-8536 Haunted Restaurant
8537-8538 Wooden Bridge Pack
8539-8541 Tunnel Pack XP
8542-8543 Wooden Bridge Pack
8544-8559 ZTF Christmas Pack
8560-8562 refreshments_machine
8563-8567 Sweet stand pack
8569-8570 Sweet stand pack
8576-8578 Giraffe annex
8579-8583 Tunnel Development Pack
8584 Wooden Bridge Pack
8585-8595 Tunnels PLUS Pack
8600-8602 Inca-museum (ZTNL)

8608-8629 Spongebob Superpack
8630-8656 Reptile Houses

8676-8679 Christmas store (ZKL, JBSP)
8680-8682 Snowy gift shopF (ZKL, JBSP)
8685-8694 Snowy gift shopF (ZKL, JBSP)
8697-8700 Kerstman (JBSP)
8701-8703 Carnivorous Plant House (JBSP)
8704-8706 Deserterrium (JBSP)
8707-8712 Cave man stand (JBSP)
8713-8719 Frituur (JBSP)
8720-8725 WesternPakket (JBSP)
8728-8729 WesternPakket
8732-8733 WesternPakket
8735-8738 WesternPakket
8739-8742 Coca Cola Machine (JBSP)
8743-8746 WesternPakket
8750-8755 Rainforest Gift Stand (JBSP)
8756-8757 Ultimate pack (JBSP)
8758 Snowmobile ride (Zoo Admin)
8759 Novelty food dispenser (Zoo Admin)
8760-8761 03CExpBldg2 (Zoo Admin)
8762 Haunted prison (Zoo Admin)
8763 Hall of mirrors (Zoo Admin)
8764-8765 Fun house (Zoo Admin)
8766-8767 Sleigh ride (Zoo Admin)
8768-8772 AD candy shop (Zoo Admin)
8773-8783 Tower Café, Down Under Grill, Olive Garden (Zoo Admin)
8784-8789 03CExpBldg2 (Zoo Admin)
8790 Primeval abyssal aquarium (Zoo Admin)
8791-8799 03CExpBldg2 (Zoo Admin)
8800-8806, 38800, 63800 Popcorn stand (ZTU)
8801, 38801, 63801 Old boardwalk path (ZTU)
8807-8813 Arctic House (Zoo Admin)
8814 Rainforest House (Zoo Admin)
8815-8822 Hatchery (Zoo Admin)
8823-8828 Xmas 2003 Pack1 (Zoo Admin)
8829-8831 Virginia Wheel Coaster (Zoo Admin)
8832-8847 Art Gallery (Zoo Admin)
8847-8855 Caricature Stand (Zoo Admin)
8848-8850 Xmas 2003 Pack1 (Zoo Admin)
8851-8854 Amazon House (Zoo Admin)
8855-8857 I-Max Theater (Zoo Admin)
8858-8860 Myth Museum (Zoo Admin)
8861-8863 Haunted House (Zoo Admin)
8865-8871 and 8892-8895 Black Pearl (Zoo Admin)
8872-8880 Book Store (Zoo Admin)
8881-8887 Rustic Bistro (Zoo Admin)
8888-8889 Xmas 2003 Pack1 (Zoo Admin)
8896-8901 Small Exhibits Pack (Zoo Admin)
8904-8906 Tower Café, Down Under Grill, Olive Garden (Zoo Admin)
8892-8895 and 8865-8871 Black Pearl (Zoo Admin)
8917-8923 Halloween Pack 2003 (Zoo Admin)
8924-8930 Bamboo Hut Bistro (Zoo Admin)
8931-8935,8941,8942 Ben & Jerry's (Zoo Admin)
8936-8940 Winter 2003 Scenario Pack (Zoo Admin) + texts
8943-8945 Hard Rock Cafe (Zoo Admin)
8946-8949 Summer Scenario Pack (Zoo Admin) + 8 texts
8950-8957, 8985, 8986 Zoo Admin awards (Zoo Admin) + 5 texts
8958-8967 Update for Planetkitty's tigers (Zoo Admin) + 5 texts
8968-8971 Ourtime, magic hedge update (Zoo Admin)
8972-8980 Warp Dome, Teleportation Arches, Water Bridge (Zoo Admin)
8981-8982 Merry go Round (Zoo Admin)
8983-8984 pk ZA awards 2 (Zoo Admin)
8985-8986 pk ZA awards (Zoo Admin)
8987-8992 Whooping crane (Zoo Admin) + 2 texts
8993-8999 Sekhmet's Grill (Zoo Admin)

Other designers can add their IDs or send me or other moderators a pm with their list, so we can have a complete list and avoid overwriting each others projects.

String IDs outside the 8300-8999 range could be used by MS in future updates and create a conflict with the user-created download.

Posted by: casey Apr. 23 2003, 09:14 PM
The following string IDs were also used:

5-8 Pepsi 7up (ZKL)
1100-1103 Dralion's animal adoption center (Zoo Admin)
2288-2290 Fireworks shop (no dll) (Zoo Admin)
2291-2293 Firstaid shop (no dll) (Zoo Admin)
2294-2296 Flower shop (no dll) (Zoo Admin)
2297-2299 Meteor shop (no dll) (Zoo Admin)
2460 Velociraptor pit v1-1 (ZTU)
2462-2463 Velociraptor pit v1-1 (ZTU)
3850-3853 ZTU rainforest cafe v2 (ZTU)
4030-4031 Chick fila fence (ZKL)
4702-4703 KFC food stand (ZTDesign, ZKL)
4738 Telephone (ZTDesign, ZKL)
5218-5223 KFC food stand (ZTDesign, ZKL)
5301 Stone bench (ZTDesign, ZKL)
5341 RCT icecream stand, Telephone, Tekken4 arcade, Jurrasic park arcade (ZTDesign, ZKL)

6161 Coca cola machine (TycRes)
6164 KFC food stand (ZTDesign, ZKL)
6165 Tekken4 arcade (ZTDesign, ZKL)
6166 Jurrasic park arcade (ZTDesign, ZKL)
6176 Invisible fence (ZTU)
6190-6191 Invisible fence (ZTU)
6316 Coca cola machine (TycRes)

7077 Christmas store
7500-7550 jbl's Zooty ZT-Pack

7840-7842 Scenarios from tigerkitty. 37840-37842, 62840-62842 also reserved incase of conflicts.

7869-7870, 37870, 62870 Fairy Tale Castle (ZKL)
7871, 37871, 62871, 62902 Tiger Show (ZKL)
7980-7999 Fossil House, Deepsea Aquarium (Zoo Admin)
7888, 37888, 37902, 62888 Cirque De La Mer Show (ZKL)
7889-7892, 37889-37892, 62889-62892 Animal Information Souvenir Center (ZKL)
7893-7896, 37893-37896, 62893-62896 Devona's McDonalds Food Stand (ZKL)
7897-7898, 37897-37898, 62897-62898 Neptune's Nectar Stand (ZKL)
7899-7901, 37899-37901, 62899-62901 Moon Juice Stand (ZKL)

7902-7903, 37903, 62903 Foam Play Area (ZKL)
7921, 37921, 62921 Female Bathroom (ZKL)
7922, 37922, 62922 Male Bathroom (ZKL)
7923-7924, 37923-37924, 62923-62924, 62927 ChuckECheeses Restaurant (ZKL)
7925-7926, 37925-37926, 62925-62926 RainForest Cafe (ZTU/ZA)
7927 Drop Zone Ride (ZKL)
7928, 37928, 62928, 62932 Ballpit (ZKL)
7929, 37929, 37932, 62929 Log Flume Ride (ZKL)
7930, 37930, 62930 Drop Zone Ride (ZKL)
7931, 37927, 37931, 62931 Space Needle Ride (ZKL)
7932-7933, 37933, 62933 Velociraptor Pit (ZTU/ZA)
7934-7935, 37934-37935, 62934-62935 Coca Cola Machine (ZTU/ZA)
7936-7940, 37936-37940, 62936-62940, 62947 Open Arms Sushi Stand (ZKL)
7941, 37941, 37947, 62941 Flower Bus Simulator Ride (ZKL)
7942-7945, 37942-37945, 62942-62945 Sunglass Hut (ZKL)
7946, 37946, 62946 Tree Trunk Shelter (ZKL)
7947-7948, 37948, 62948 Crooked House (ZKL)
7949, 37949, 62949 Shelter For Small Animals (ZKL)
7950, 37950, 62950, 63494 Ride On Air (ZKL)
7951, 37951, 38494, 62951 Pet Show (ZKL)
7952, 37952, 62952 AK's Grill
7953, AK's Grill Thought. 37953 ZA Admin Building. 62953 available to use for thoughts ONLY.
7954, 37954, 62954 ZA Administration Building

7958, 37958, 62958 Security Booth
7959, 37959, 62959 Medic Trailer
7960, 37960, 62960 Arcade Tent
7961, 37961, 62961 Clapboard Hotel
7962, 37962, 62962 Ali Baba Restaurant
7963 Clapboard Hotel Thought, 37963 Medic Trailer Thought, 62963 Security Booth Thought
7964 Blood and Buckets Thought, 37964 Arcade Tent Thought, 62964 Ali Baba Restaurant Thought
7965, 37965, 63965 Blood and Buckets
7966, 37966, 63966 - Harbor to Dall's Porpoise, DPorpos_General - Dall's Porpoise Info
7967, 37967, 63967 - Underground Tunnel

8046 Mcdonalds food stand (ZTDesign, ZKL)

8480-8481, 38480-38481, 63480-63481 ATM Machine (ZKL)
8482-8483, 38482-38483, 63482-63483 Basketball Game (ZKL)
8484-8488, 38484-38488, 63484-63488 Fish Gift Stand (ZKL)
8489-8490, 38490, 63490 Candy Apple Stand (ZKL)
8491, 38491, 63491 Park Grill (ZKL)
8492, 38492, 63492 Candy Apple Stand (ZKL)
8493, 38489, 38493, 63493 Candyland Ballpit (ZKL)
8494 Park Grill (ZKL)
8495, 38495, 63489, 63495 Aliens Attack Arcade Game (ZKL)

9014 string in lang0.dll
9017 Fancy pnr fence
9118-9119 Pepsi 7up (ZTDesign, ZKL)

10008-10016 Guest comments in lang0.dll
10072-10290 Guest comments in lang0.dll, lang100.dll, lang200.dll and lang300.dll
10622-10659 Guest comments for scenery in lang0.dll, lang100.dll, lang200.dll and lang300.dll

10403 Tekken4 arcade machine (ZTDesign, ZKL)
10404 Telephone (ZTDesign, ZKL)
10405-10406 Jurrasic park arcade machine (ZTDesign, ZKL)
10706-10709 Subway v2 (ZTDesign)
10710-10719 Dairy queen v2 (ZTDesign, ZKL)
10999 JTT (Zoo Admin)

12025-12026 Popcorn vendor
12032-12034 Chick-a-fil
13959-13965 Animal scenery fences (ZKL)
14104 Pink fence v1-1
15004-15006 Pay phone v1 (ZT Design)
15004-15006 Circus Scott (ZT Design)
15007 Outhouse (ZT Design)

15336-15338 Aquarium v1-1
15344-15345 Pizza hut restaurant v1-0 (ZKL)
15360-15361 Dairy queen stand v1-0 (ZT Design)
15376-15379 Baskin Robbins (ZKL)
15424-15428 Matchbox Toy Shop (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15432-15436 RCT Information Booth (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15440-15444 Taco Bell (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15445-15449 Balloonshop (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15450-15454 Gumball Machine (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15456-15460 Cotton Candy Stand (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15461-15465 Beanie Baby Stand (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15466-15470 Photobooth (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15472-15476 Icee Stand (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca, ZKL)
15477-15481 Coffee Stand (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15482-15486 Snow Cone Stand (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15491-15493 Camel Ride (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15504-05508 Chicken Shop (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15509-15513 Waffle Stand (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15514-15518 Tavern (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15520-15524 Donut Stand (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15525-15529 Pretzel Stand (Zoo Admin, Marksmecca)
15536-15538 JPark Aquarium (ZooAdmin, Marksmecca)
15542-15544 Bat Cave (ZTU)
15545-15549 Gazza’s McDonalds (Marksmecca)
15550-15554 Candy Apple Stand
15555-15559 Seafood stand v1-0 (ZT Design)
15560-15564 Souvenir stand v1-0 (ZT Design)
15565-15569 Imax theatre v1-0
15570-15573 Souvenir stand v1-0 (ZT Design)

15578,15611 Hedge fence (ZKL)
15579-15781 Hot Air Balloon Ride (ZKL)
15584-15585 Purple fence v1-1
15586-15587 Baskin Robbins Path (ZKL)
15588 Flashing path (ZT Design)
15590-15591 Hardee’s Path (ZKL)
15592-15606 Applebee Restaurant (ZKL)
15607-15608 Applebee path (File also includes 15609-15610)
15611 Hedge Fence v2 (ZKL)
15612 03CExp Menu hack (Zoo Admin)
15613 Wild Wings Menu hack (Zoo Admin)
15621-15623 Road blocks (Zoo Admin)
15624-15626 Atlantean bathroom (ZTU)

16800-16829 UXP (Zoo Admin) +79 texts
16980-16986 JTT (Zoo Admin) + 56 texts
16988-16989 LoewenfrauminiXP (Zoo Admin) + texts

17108,17111 JTT (Zoo Admin)
17111-17112 Applebees fence (ZKL)
18108 Hawaiian restaurant v1-0

25010-25011 Male bathroom (ZKL)
25010-25011 Outhouse (ZTDesign)
25012-25013 Female bathroom (ZKL)
26023-26024 ZTU jungle bathroom (ZTU)
26025-26026 ZTU snow bathroom (ZTU)
26027-26028 ZTU savannah bathroom (ZTU)

33190 Chuck-E-Cheeses Restaurant (ZKL)
33192 Chuck-E-Cheeses Restaurant (ZKL)
33194-33195 Chuck-E-Cheeses Restaurant (ZKL)
33197-33198 Chuck-E-Cheeses Restaurant (ZKL)
33591-33593 Dropzone Ride (ZKL)
33594-33596 Spaceneedle (ZKL)
36161 Coca Cola machine (TycRes)
36176 Invisible fence (ZTU)
36190-36191 Invisible fence (ZTU)
36316 Coca Cola machine (TycRes)
39331-39332 Hawaiian restaurant v1-0

44999 Hardees stand (ZKL)
45002-45007 Hardees Stand (ZKL)

61077-61083 Chick-a-fil (ZKL)
61110-61112 Ballpit (ZKL)
61113-61115 Log Flume Ride (ZKL)
61116-61117 Martian items (ZKL)
61118-61119 Hardees fence (ZKL)
64230-64233 Mcdonalds food stand (ZTDesign, ZKL)
64242 Garden Bench (ZTDesign)

I have noticed that there are many jumps and switches built into ZT for the usage of the various
strings. Therefore, the ID’s referenced in the original objects are not necessarily the ones
displayed in the game: there can be jumps of 200, 10,000 or 30,000 in ID.

Let me know, if you notice any mistakes.

Posted by: casey Oct. 13 2003, 09:22 PM
What is a string ID?

A string ID is a number that refers to a string of text. String IDs are used in .ai files for nameID, helpID and UsedThought. String IDs can be found in the .dll files

Posted by: casey Jan. 30 2004, 11:25 AM
I also noticed reservations for:

5344-5391 reserved by bigcatkeeper
5440-5454 reserved by bigcatkeeper

7808-7823, 37808-37823, 62808-62823 yellowrose, ZA

7824-7839, 37824-37839, 62824-62839 Devona, ZKL

7840-7855, 37840-37855, 62840-62855 Rednotdead @ ZA
7856-7868, 37856-37869, 62856-62869 still reserved by Devona
7872-7887, 37872-37887, 62872-62887 Jay @ ZKL

7904-7919, 37904-37919, 62904-62919 rednotdead

7920, 37920, 62920 still reserved by Jay for ZKL
7936-7951, 37936-37951, 62936-62951 Devona @ ZKL
62953 flamethrower
7955-7957, 37955-37957, 62955-62957 casey
7968-7979 casey
8139-8141 casey

8200-8250 jbl


8308 reserved by bigcatkeeper
8321-8329 reserved by bigcatkeeper
8368 reserved by bigcatkeeper

8467-8479 jbl, JBSP
8480-8495 Devona, ZKL
8560-8576 Bigcatkeeper

8600-8607 Jasper, ZTNL
8657-8671 Reserved

8907-8911 Manta Ray, ZA
8912-8916 casey, ZA

23452-23454 casey
23652-23654 casey
24372-24374 casey

44500-45000 jbl (JBSP)

Please make a post, if you want to reserve strings. That way everybody can see what you want to use. It will reduce the amount of re-programming to remove conflicts. We want the members to enjoy everyone's downloads.

February 29, 2004

Posted by: casey Jan. 30 2004, 11:28 AM
In this post, I added some more explanation and some modifications to bigcatkeepers post. I also summarized the discussion from posts that have been deleted to keep this thread as short and reader-friendly as possible.

In the past, the strings used for cNameID, cHelpID, and cGuestThought have been picked very close together.

Bigcatkeeper and myself have identified some of the programming in ZT regarding the use of strings, that suggest the old method does not make use of all the features of the ZT programming and is a rather inefficient use of string IDs. Thanks to Bigcatkeeper for writing the following text for the members with limited programming experience.

ZT contains several automatic jumps that we should exploit, we have not done so yet. If everyone did this for user created buildings from now on we shall be saving a lot of strings, this may sound complicated but please follow!

From now on, please use the strings and programming as follows (8000 is an example you would replace it with your string):

(In your dll file create the string 8000 as your buildings name)

(In your dll file create the string 38000 as your buildings tooltip/help ID, what you must do to work out the string is add 30000 to what ever string ID you have, as long as it is not out of range. So 8000 + 30000 = 38000)

insert the text "the xxxx" in this string
Jay suggested that the string 63,000 is used by the zookeeper for his recommendations "animal x does not like the xxxxx"
I tested it and have to report that Jay correctly made this suggestion
This string ID is not programmed in the .ai file, but automatically assigned by ZT.

In ZT, guest thoughts are defined in a rather small range. We can work around the automatic jumps in ZT by 'blocking' the guest thoughts. In this example, we could define the guest thought in string 8001. This would also allow for guest thoughts in strings 38001 and 63,001 that can be used for other buildings.
We still need to test this, but I think that this should work since no physical object or animal is defined in these strings.

For any items name you will need a new string ID so lets use 8001 as an example!
In your (itemsname).cfg file do as followed:

(In your dll file create the string 8001 as your items name)

Place the tooltip text here

(In your dll file create the string 63001, to work out your string ID add 55000 to your string ID as long as it is not out of range. So 8002 + 55000 = 63002). This was used for the "the buildingname" string,

There may be more efficient ways to use strings for items, but we need to experiment with them to make sure that they are indeed working.

Posted by: casey Feb. 7 2004, 09:51 AM
String IDs between 19000 and 21999 cannot be used for user-created downloads, because these have been reserved by MS/BF for use by APE created objects and animals.

All objects and animals created in APE will have the line cNameID=19000. According to MS/BF, ZT is programmed to take all these objects and animals and then assign the values 19001, 19002, 29003, etc, up to 21999, as it loads them.
This approach works well for animals and objects, in general. It does not work for buildings and rides, that have some very specific requirements to interact with the guests.

Within this range, you can load 3000 downloads with a unique APE number at the same time. As far as, I know, there are not 3000 unique downloads yet. These 3000 downloads do not include buildings and other downloads that use ID values outside this range (Downloads that do not have cNameID=19000).

Posted by: casey Feb. 29 2004, 09:54 AM
Updated the lists of used string IDs. Summarized all reservations in a single post. Generally cleaned the thread, so the information is easy to read.

Posted by: flamethrower Mar. 21 2004, 01:36 AM
I was looking at lang009.dll and noticed that the tooltip was on the 63000 string and the "the xxxx" is in the 30000 string. Does it work either way?

BTW, I'm gonna use 15614 for RSN's Future Forms UXP Menu hack. If it's in use, let me know. trismile.gif

Posted by: casey Mar. 21 2004, 07:45 AM
You must have saved an edited version of the lang009.dll. I do not have that version: magnet uses 5340, 35340, and 60340. With "the Magnet" in 60340.

Posted by: Wolverine Jun. 10 2004, 08:44 AM
So if i am making a building, I need a string id(s)? How do i know which one(s) to get? Is there any left?

Posted by: casey Jun. 10 2004, 09:06 AM
There are still quite a few left.

Not many people can make dll files. In that case, you can ask for a dll file, and get string IDs assigned. A building requires three IDs for itself. You can also use one ID for a guestthought, and two IDs for every item that is for sale.

If you can make a dll file, you can choose from the available numbers. If you do, please list the numbers in this thread, and in similar threads at other sites such as Zoo Keepers Lounge. You want to make sure that people do not use your ID again, and cause problems for your download.

Posted by: flamethrower Nov. 23 2004, 08:34 PM
Updated list with the new reservations/used ids and deleted reservation/used ids posts.

Posted by: jbl Nov. 24 2004, 06:02 AM
I'm using 7500 - 7550 for a upcoming rainforestproject, which will be released soon as a Zooty ZT-pack

Posted by: casey Nov. 24 2004, 08:46 PM
7840-7855, 37840-37855, 62840-62855 reserved for rednotdead

Posted by: yellowrose Dec. 8 2004, 07:21 AM
Casey could you please reserve these numbers for me

7808-7823, 37808-37823, 62808-62823 yellowrose, ZA

And Jay asked me to mention these as well

7824-7839, 37824-37839, 62824-62839 Devona, ZKL

Posted by: flamethrower Dec. 8 2004, 02:58 PM

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