FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR REWARD!!! Psycho Co. will offer five hundred dollars for someone to visit the house found at 0130 Old Oak Court for one day! Offer is still open!

          “Well, it’s been two weeks now,” your best friend Ben mumbles impatiently.  “Why don’t we go? Just a quick visit in and out of the house!”

          Five hundred dollars just for that, you think to yourself.  What’s the worst that can happen?

          “Come on!” Ben begs, hopping up and down like a rabbit.  “It’s right next door!”

          Next door? You jerk your head to the window to your right.

          An ancient, abandoned, three-story house sits in the middle of what seems to be a miniature jungle.  A dark, murky moat surrounds the huge lot.

          “That’s weird,” you murmur doubtfully.  “I never noticed that house next door before.”

          “What are you talking about?!” Ben exclaims.  “We’ve lived here for so long! How could you not notice something like that? Do you want to go or not? The offer closes after today.”



Do you want to go?

If you’re on for the challenge, flip to page 2!

If you’re not ready, just close this book.