“Let’s go!” you call.  “I’m ready!”

          You and Ben silently bike to the front of the old wooden house.  Along with you, you and Ben had brought a bottle of water, a flashlight, and a flash camera in each of your backpacks.

          As you gape up at the humongous building, you realize that it is a lot larger than you originally thought.  As a matter of fact, it seems more like a humongous mansion.  The highest window rests four entire stories above the ground, shattered and torn apart by storms of the past.  Rusty, timber shutters hang half open from various windowpanes.  A small, tarnished deck lies out in the front of the building.  In front of you is a short, arch-like bridge crossing the foggy moat.  Outsized dragonflies of diverse colors swarm the swampy water and land nearby, buzzing noisily.

          Suddenly, the sky flashes with a thunderous roar and goes dark.  Furious black clouds roll overhead and heavy raindrops start pouring down, soaking you and your friend.

          “Leave the bikes here,” you advise your pal, “and let’s go inside!”

          The bridge creaks and groans as you cross step by step.  Small, mysterious eyes pop out like glowing red dots in the moat and grass below.

          They’re just fish, you tell yourself, trembling from an icy blast of wind.

          Alas, you reach the giant metal door.  With a grunt, you and Ben shove it open.


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