Your hand gets a ticklish sensation as you grasp the knob on the rotting door.  The door groans boisterously as you force it against the wall on the other side.

          Inside is a small silent bedroom.  A tiny table on your right carries a silver pistol.  Two shot bullets sit next to it, along with a purple cracked vase with a set of dead roses.  Across from you, on the wall, hangs a shattered, boarded-up window.  Beneath that sleeps a dusty, sky-blue bed with gray blankets.  An empty fireplace stands on the wall to your left; no fire is present within it.  An untouched straw basket of honey, nuts, onions, and mushrooms lay in the middle of the room.

          As you step forward, the fireplace suddenly lights up with a blazing flame.


What do you want to check out?

If you wish to examine the gun, examine page 15.

To check the bed, check page 23.

Watch the fireplace on page 34.