Cautiously, you make your way to the bed.  As you get closer, you realize something lumpy lay beneath the blankets.  You shiver as you imagine someone actually lying beneath the covers, but you force it out of your mind.

          Suddenly, something prickly crawls out from under the bed onto your feet, piercing through your shoes and nearly stabbing your feet.  You gaze down to spot a large, black, six-legged spider staring up at you.  Hairy spikes cover its body, and two huge, blood-red eyes are plopped onto its head.  Green saliva drooled out of its jaws.  Instinctively, you kick it off and it gets flung into the fireplace.  Could there be more under the bed?


What should you look at?

Beneath the blankets is page 28.

Page 31 lies under the bed.