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July 13, 2024, 01:46:12 AM
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Author Topic: Rearranging the Site  (Read 2576 times)
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« on: August 05, 2006, 09:57:27 PM »

         Some may have noticed the site looking weird or messed up today.   That's just me editting the site.   It should be pretty stable now.   What I'm trying to go for with the new layout is to make it easier to find everything the site has.   It used to be that to access the blog, you must go to the mainpage - in which many probably would not even realize there is a blog.   Hopefully it's better now.   Any suggestions welcome.

         Also hinting that there may be more editting within the next week or so - aka downtime or messed up pages.   I'm going for a more "professional" look - many say my site is too "colorful" lol
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