August 27th, 2023
Posted by pftq

Lunar Trigger

Made this originally as a stem for collab, but ended up making a whole song while waiting on Waterflame to do a pass on it. He may still get to it, but I thought this was also nice enough to stand on its own as a separate track. Influences are mainly 2 artists I used to listen to on Newgrounds - XsToRmEr1 (Flames of the Sky) and Zero-Bass (the Trigger name is a homage to his naming scheme - Lighting Trigger, Atomic Trigger, Death Trigger, etc).

This is built out of the same instruments as Lunar Fractals, so it has a similar sound. You can consider it a more upbeat cousin of that track with a bit less melancholy.

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March 4th, 2023
Posted by pftq

Lunar Fractals (Collab)

Been a busy year so far, but the first major new track of the year is out and comes in two versions.  A collab with Waterflame with me focusing on piano and koto that has sort of become my go-to lately.

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January 8th, 2023
Posted by pftq

Rename Files to Date with Time Shift

Wrote a quick script that renames files to date created, with optional time shifting for timezones and out-of-sync devices. The last bit is what's most useful about this script, as often I have to sync photos across cameras or deal with devices that briefly stopped keeping time.

You can download both the tool and source code on Github:
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November 29th, 2022
Posted by pftq

Autodidactic Music Catalogue

There's a new web page cataloguing music for me and a few others by genre - making it easier for people to find royalty-free music to use for films/games/trailers/etc.  Coded this in 3 hours and pretty happy with how it turned out!

The music has been free for non-commercial use already forever, but it's never been pushed as such.  Figured it could only help to make that more upfront, since there are stock music sites now that make a big deal out of being free.

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November 25th, 2022
Posted by pftq

Spotify Playlist Anti-Takedown

A bot kept taking down my Spotify playlist, so I made my own bot to keep bringing it back.  If anyone else runs into this problem, they can try using my script here:

Right now, someone can just report your playlist, and it'll instantly lose its title and description with no recourse. It's a problem that's been around as described here:

This script will continuously monitor all playlists on your Spotify account and restore the playlist if any of them lose their title/description. It undoes the damage/symptom, not the core problem, but that's ultimately up to Spotify to resolve.

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