April 20th, 2022
Posted by pftq

Goa Codex (Collab)

Another collab with Waterflame. Last few tracks had a lot of influence from goa / psy-trance, so we leaned into that and tried to make a full 8-min trance track this time. Enjoy!

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February 14th, 2022
Posted by pftq

Sparkle in the Dust

Piano and strings bit that were leftovers to the more uplifting Sparkle piece from my earlier years. It's a complete opposite of the more blissful feel of the original released song, and it was hard to figure how to finish, as a result.

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February 11th, 2022
Posted by pftq

Raindrops (Remastered)

This is an old track from 2010 that I finally got around to remastering.  I tried not to deviate from the original sound, so it still uses the same Edirol VST but should sound much better now that it's had some proper EQ work.  A piano version is also linked in the description.  That may be more pleasant to listen to actually, especially in the background.

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February 10th, 2022
Posted by pftq

Primordial Complex (Collab)

Trying to make this a regular monthly thing going forward - this one was fun as we just leaned into the Crash Bandicoot boulder music influence we were listening to just before starting the track and let it go wherever.  It actually ended up sounding a lot like Dune at some parts, so we explored that as well and added low choirs to emulate the throat singing and all.  We even have two versions, as we couldn't decide whether we liked the more serious tone or the beach/coconut vibe more.  Enjoy!

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January 28th, 2022
Posted by pftq

The Code Behind Fort Wars

I realize I've never explained how Fort Wars was made or the code trickery needed to get around AOE3's trigger system, so I've written a deep-dive with samples of the code. It covers everything from XS injection to kb queries and should be very interesting for #AOE3 / #AOM developers and maybe even #gamedev in general.

Read Here: The Code Behind Fort Wars

If anyone has further questions or want to know how other parts were done, feel free to ask.
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