July 29th, 2019
Posted by pftq

VR Jetpack Game Trailer and Music

Spent the past month making both the trailer footage and music for my VR Jetpack Game. The score is not the actual music in the game itself, but it plays on the main melody and has been stuck in my head for most of the year.  Been a while since I finished any music, so it's a nice feeling. Grin (and yes, there's a koto)

Trailer can be watched on YouTube:

Music itself can be downloaded on:

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December 30th, 2018
Posted by pftq

VR Jetpack Game

For those who haven't figured it out already, one of the my next projects is a #VR game which, in my opinion, feels and flies like a real jetpack (no d-pad or other gimicky controls). You can follow and more at VRJetpackGame.com

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December 3rd, 2018
Posted by pftq

Soloet Improvisation (Piano)

I've always kept two pianos around in the hopes of playing improvisation 1v1 against someone one day... I guess this will have to do for now.
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November 4th, 2018
Posted by pftq

Anuwera Extended (Piano vers.)

Pieced together draft compilation of the piano improvisations I've been playing on the main Anuwera melody throughout the year.  Might try to orchestrate this into something more later.

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September 16th, 2018
Posted by pftq

SQL to SQL Copy

This is a quick application for copying all rows from one SQL table to another of the same columns.  It is particularly useful for copying between SQL tables on different servers, as then it is not as simple as just running a single SQL query.  Note that this assumes there are no existing rows of the same primary key already in the destination table.
As with my other scripts, this was created in C# for a few tasks I needed to get done, but perhaps others out there might also find it useful.

You can download it here: SQL to SQL Copy
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