June 6th, 2021
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15th Anniversary for

Fun fact - my site was launched exactly 15 years ago now on 6/6/06. Grin

At the time, my right wrist was broken, and I was teaching myself to program formally for the first time using just my left hand, with the site itself being my first dive into HTML, PHP, MySQL, etc.  Before that, I was modding games using trigger/XS code for things like Age of Mythology / Age of Empires 3, but these weren't real languages that could be used outside of those specific games.  It's also the same year I joined Newgrounds and bunch of other sites, started playing tennis with my left hand and becoming ambidextrous...  Then the year after that, I would get into filmmaking, composing music, trading stocks, etc before getting disappointed by college and further disappointed by adult life. Tongue
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December 25th, 2020
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God's Flashlight Book

Since the book is in the Sci-Fi section, that means I technically live in Sci-Fi now. Tongue

God's Flashlight
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December 13th, 2020
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Koto Cutter

First new song in a while.  Just something short and sweet that might be expanded to something more later.  Since I keep sneaking kotos into my other songs, I went ahead and just made a solo one.

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October 16th, 2020
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Three Tiers as a Book

Took one of my longer essays and published it as a book just for fun.  Was interesting to learn the process.  Felt a bit like making a Young Authors book again from back in elementary school.  The original post can still be found at and the book can be found on Amazon here:

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July 29th, 2019
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VR Jetpack Game Trailer and Music

Spent the past month making both the trailer footage and music for my VR Jetpack Game. The score is not the actual music in the game itself, but it plays on the main melody and has been stuck in my head for most of the year.  Been a while since I finished any music, so it's a nice feeling. Grin (and yes, there's a koto)

Trailer can be watched on YouTube:

Music itself can be downloaded on:

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