November 10th, 2021
Posted by pftq

Jeopardy Maker for MAC

This is an old app I made back in high school that seemed to have problems on MAC in recent years after the newest OS came out.  After a lot of trial-and-error, the download should now work.  Long-story short, it needed to be distributed as a DMG and not a zip.  You can download it here:

A bit more detail for those who may run into the same problem distributing there own software on MAC - the Adobe MAC projector generated in Adobe Animate appears to have a bug ever since CS5 that causes the MAC projector (app file) to corrupt when stored in a ZIP folder.  This wasn't a problem in older versions, as the Jeopardy Maker MAC version was fine for many years after its initial release.  Right now, the solution I'm using is to create a DMG file in TransMAC and then storing the MAC projector (app file) there instead before uploading for people to download.
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November 10th, 2021
Posted by pftq

Afterthoughts (Piano)

Short, mellow piano improvisation from the Halloween weekend. For some reason I really like the ringing in the A# note, so I just ended up spamming that here lol

Originally wanted to add more ambience after the strings, but couldn't quite make it work.

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October 16th, 2021
Posted by pftq

Poker for CSharp and QLearner

Short project for fun - you can play #poker against bots as well as load up the game into QLearner and other #ai / machine learning projects.  There is even a play-blind option to play without looking at your cards if you want to play a bit crazy like me. Tongue (in all seriousness, it's good training for reading your opponents).

The game can be run standalone here:

The source code and libraries for running in QLearner and C# projects are on Github here:

This is also the same code I used to simulate a million games for the stats on winning hands here:
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June 6th, 2021
Posted by pftq

15th Anniversary for

Fun fact - my site was launched exactly 15 years ago now on 6/6/06. Grin

At the time, my right wrist was broken, and I was teaching myself to program formally for the first time using just my left hand, with the site itself being my first dive into HTML, PHP, MySQL, etc.  Before that, I was modding games using trigger/XS code for things like Age of Mythology / Age of Empires 3, but these weren't real languages that could be used outside of those specific games.  It's also the same year I joined Newgrounds and bunch of other sites, started playing tennis with my left hand and becoming ambidextrous...  Then the year after that, I would get into filmmaking, composing music, trading stocks, etc before getting disappointed by college and further disappointed by adult life. Tongue
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December 25th, 2020
Posted by pftq

God's Flashlight Book

Since the book is in the Sci-Fi section, that means I technically live in Sci-Fi now. Tongue

God's Flashlight
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