May 2nd, 2015
Posted by pftq

Farther (Piano) in Newgrounds Picollage 2015

Pleasant surprise today to see that my piano piece Farther was used in the Newgrounds Picollage this year.  Not a huge deal and not really sure my music fits there, but small surprises like this always brighten my day.

Ironically I never really gave much thought to that piece and was on the fence about submitting it.  It's always the stuff you didn't give much thought to that end up getting attention. Tongue
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January 28th, 2015
Posted by pftq

RippleTax - Tool for Ripple Taxes

I was doing my taxes for 2014 and couldn't find any tools for consolidating my XRP trading for taxes.  I went ahead and just made a simple script that cleans up your XRP history export file so that it's usable by services like

Here's the tool in case anyone else finds it useful:
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January 5th, 2015
Posted by pftq

Tech Trader User Guide

Spent some time writing out a User Guide for Tech Trader and cleaning up the API kit a bit more.  I'm a bit on the fence on whether to make the program public or not, so a lot of this is just to test the waters.  Still, I suppose it doesn't hurt to have documentation fleshed out more in case I myself forget one day how to use it.

Let me know if the guide is helpful or not and whether there's anything I should change.
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November 8th, 2014
Posted by pftq

Lost in Koto Box

Little low on inspiration lately.  Wrapped up two older songs instead that I started a year ago.  They were actually pretty close to finish but just didn't have an ending.  Me lacking inspiration right now didn't help either, but hopefully I didn't butcher things too badly.

One other song I started but is incredibly short would be the trailer piece below.  Really should be longer but I can't find a way to continue the intensity I opened with.

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October 13th, 2014
Posted by pftq


This is a short cinematic score I composed as more of a warmup/brainstorming piece.  The theme for this particular piece was more exploration and discovering new worlds.  Some influence probably came from imagining music from early colonial themed games.  It came out nicer than I expected, especially with the changes in mood throughout the piece.

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