Poker for CSharp and QLearner

Date: October 3, 2021 - October 16, 2021

Released: Oct 16, 2021

Type: Web / Script / Tool

Download Here: Poker for CSharp and QLearner

Num. Downloads: 58

Version: 1-0

A full poker game in C# for human practice against bots or training machine learning algorithms, such as with QLearner.

- Start Playing Poker -
Note: Application requires Windows, .NET 4, and either Internet Explorer, .NET for Firefox, or .NET for Chrome.

Source code, standalone download, and more details available on Github at:

This is also the same code I used to simulate a million games for the stats on winning hands here:

Tags/Keywords: AI, Q-Learning, Machine Learning, CSharp, Poker

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