October 9th, 2006
Posted by pftq

AOE3: Fort Wars 2.1 Released!

        Fort Wars 2.1 has been finalized and in process of releasing.   The version is mainly fixes but also features a few new additions such as the return of Nootka Warchiefs and several interesting new Nomad Age bonuses.   Enjoy! :D


- Editted by pftq
- AOE3 patch 1.09, October 9 2006
- Fixed 150 coin and pop cap on Nomad Age.
- Costs not reduced until new cost added (avoid free units).
- Forbidden units disabled earlier on to avoid being trained.
- Nomad bonuses declared earlier.
- Reinforcements come at 5-6 minutes instead of 7 then 6-7.
- Portuguese also gets more expensive LOS.
- Aztec Chief Super Unit replaced with Nootka Warchiefs.
- Ronin HP Boosted due to light infantry being stronger in 2.x
- Build Limit on towers.
- Spawn no longer auto-selects in beginning.
- Removed several unit stat imbalances from Age Up techs.
- Morale HP boosted from 30% to 45% for 35 seconds instead of 45.
- Medic (Heal) Optimized to almost always fully healing.
- Random Bonuses:
– Two ronin per reinforcement.
– 50% faster spawn.
– Center Cannon.
– All players get 3 George Crushingtons
– All players get 3 Learicorns
– Longbowmen range and Lancer bonus removed

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