January 15th, 2007
Posted by pftq

Convert Effects for AOM/AOE3

        Figured out how to do knowledge base queries in XS just yesterday - and after playing around with it for a bit, created this as my first endeavor. :p

        Age of Empires III’s editor lacks a few vital triggers. One is the Change Units in Area effect from Age of Mythology and another is missing from both games: Convert Units in Area. These effects perfectly fullfill both.

         As far as I know, such an effect  has never been created before (however, the technique has been known since 2003…  everyone must have been asleep or it got buried).   There have been some attempts to  create  a Convert in Area effect, but they were always partial.   This is the first true Convert in Area effect that does exactly as one expects.  

Download: Convert Effects

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