January 13th, 2008
Posted by pftq

Gallery/Creations Index Combined

  Hopefully one day the site will work together using just one database.  At the moment, each section still operates quite independently, but I’m getting there.  :P  Now all video/graphical content on this site is hosted only in the Gallery of the site. Hits/views as well as date and descriptions in the gallery directly reflect that shown in the Creations Index.

  Benefit for me here is I just update my creations list in one location and it will change correspondingly throughout the whole website (regardless if it’s in the Gallery, some isolated page I never update again etc).

  Also because of this new change, there is more than likely a bug or two - something I missed or forgot. If any problems arise, please do post so I know.

Great City’s Fall Cinematic 

  Finally as a side comment, I’ve added another project I was working on before leaving Age of Mythology.

  Sadly it’s one of my only serious attempts at making a serious (non-goofy) cinematic in the game, but it never got finished.  It doesn’t even have a title, but we can safely call it “Great City’s Fall” for now.  Enjoy! :D

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