September 2nd, 2011
Posted by pftq

It's Finally Done! Cloudlessly :D

Bahaha! Grin For the while I actually thought I wouldn't be able to finish this, so I'm very content now. Tongue

Been working on this since July, and it's probably my first real song in almost year (since Darker Stormy).  Lots of new stuff in this one, not only in melody, but also experimenting for the first time with tempo and pitch variation, fading and a few effects, etc.  As usual though, I'm just messing around with the settings without any real clue what I'm doing, so if anything sounds off, let me know.


Hopefully finishing this song doesn't put me off onto another 1-year hiatus but we'll see.  I'm just very content that I finished this before school gets busy again.  Cheesy
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nmasutaa293 says...

nooooooooooo the link doesn't work! D:

pftq says...

Yeah... not sure what you mean. Sad

nmasutaa293 says...

nevermind it works now xD

pftq says...

Went back to this song to see if I could improve the pitchshift at about 3:15 - some said it was noticeable and sounded off-key.  It *should* be better now (hopefully not more off).  Let me know whether it is because I've listened to this so much now that I can't tell if it's off-key or not. -_-

pftq says...

Keep coming back to this song.  Went ahead and replaced all the samples with East West Quantum Leap material to hear how it sounds - it's a lot "warmer" now but I can't tell which I like better. >.<

EWQL Resampled:

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