February 1st, 2012
Posted by pftq

Some More Piano: Reminiscence

Just messing around in this one and found a different key (other than the one I always play - yay).  Not sure if I heard the song somewhere before though (the beginning at least).  If it already exists, please let me know.

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pftq says...

And some more meddling (have the time now Grin ) got me to accidentally play this song, in piano form of course:

Some of you might recognize it - maybe. Tongue

pftq says...

I need ideas for a name on this song:

That's the only thing keeping me from finishing. >.<

It borrows from the "Cloudless" song so maybe the name would be similar but I don't want to use clouds again.

aycweugsiqkommok says...

oh my goodness, you are a master piano composer. this is such a beautiful song. this needs to be in a Hoisan drama right now. i really like this song. it should be called "Shooting Stars". it makes you lift your head towards the sky and be inspired by the awe of this world. and it is sad, but not emo sad. it is more the sad where you feel content with life but feel like being alone, and you listen to a song like this and just stare up towards the sky and reflect on all the things in your life. when i look up at the sky, i think of a shooting star, because they are the only movement in the sky we can perceive instantaneously. sometimes only natural things such as stars are the only things that can truly move us. this is the part in the movie where they just hold hands and have a happy grin as they watch the meteor shower up above, and as the stars keep falling their hands grasp even more tightly.

pftq says...

Haha - you're the 10+ years piano player here, not me. Smiley

I like the idea of stars.  Thinking "Speckle in the Sky"?

aycweugsiqkommok says...

haha good title

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