November 24th, 2011
Posted by pftq

Song in Progress: Island in the Rain

Ah, pretty sad that all I ever seem to have time for lately is making new songs (the only thing I can leave untouched for weeks and come back on).  I kind've understand how so many people I once knew online disappeared over the years now (or became very inactive).

Back to the song though - I started it in October so I don't know why I was thinking of rain so early.  If I recall correctly, it was also while walking back home after finishing an exam (or before starting it? Not sure...).  Maybe I need to walk more - seems to be how I get most my ideas lately.

"Island in the Rain (Draft)"

The visual I had in mind for the song was basically an island awashed in rain, perhaps getting reset or cleansed.  The harp/piano represent the raindrops and emptiness of the island (critters usually hide before the rain).  The strings are supposed to give the aftermath sort of feel, but I can't seem to get them to sound right - so that's the main concern I have with the song right now.  I really wanted to get a sort of film/trailer feel to it, but I can't figure out why the strings I have sound very thin or cheap.  Maybe need to upgrade to better software, but that's expensive so I'll keep playing around with it as much I can.  Any suggestions welcome.
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