April 20th, 2012
Posted by pftq

Violin and Flute Piece: Feltip Leaf

Love having 18 units of class but no clubs to worry about - gives me so much spare time to do this random stuff.  Grin

This is just another song I picked up on after stalling for about a year.  It's a more peaceful one after my last song but seems a lot plainer.  Not really about a leaf.. though you could definitely picture one floating along here.  Just running out of ideas for names.   Huh

Thoughts and suggestions welcome as usual.  This is the first time I used East West instruments exclusively; it seems to make my songs sound unintentionally emo but I guess I'll have to figure ways around that.  -_-
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nmasutaa293 says...

o_O you dropped all of the like 8+ clubs that you were in?

pftq says...


nmasutaa293 says...

lol i see. btw are you still planning to organize a trip to LA later?

pftq says...

Don't think so - most everyone in our old design teams left.

nmasutaa293 says...

aw ok. hopefully i'll get to see you sometime next year then

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