March 24th, 2007
Posted by pftq

Warning: Castle Blood Fakes

Several fake versions of Castle Blood have been going around.   River_God goes into detail to explain the situation:


There is a fake Castle Blood 1.1 going around Shocked. It is bad because it looks the same, but does not count for ladder. If you have TWO castle Blood 1.1 and want the real one, follow these instructions:1.get out of the game.
2.go to Start Menu>”My Documents”>”My Games”>”Age of Empires 3″>RM2
3.delete caslte blood with the _ at the end of the name, there will be 4 with castle blood in the name, but each custom map has 2 files each, so only delete the 2 with the underscore ( _ )   at the very end.
 ;)The files shown above may vary with systems, but that is how I did it. If you can’t find it then that is why there is a reply option and many computer geniouses who read them. Grin

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king_pyro says...

umm where is the castle blood ladder any ways?? i cant seem to find it

pftq says...

The site given on the map is - Follow that and you should find a tab/link labeled "Ladder". Smiley

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