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(Modified EasyCounter)

About the Script:
This is essentially a modified version of Wingnut's EasyCounter.
For each page you wish to be counted, add the following:
<?php include("counter.php"); ?>

Stats can be viewed by entering: <?php stat_(#); ?>
For current visitors online: $activenum
For highest record of visitors online at once: $activen;
The Date of the record: $activet;

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Total Visitor Count: 1842
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IP Address | Time Online | Location on Site | Jul-03-2020, 3:45 PM | pq/creations/scripts/txtcounter/index.php | Jun-30-2020, 5:09 AM | pq/creations/scripts/txtcounter/index.php | Jun-29-2020, 2:27 PM | pq/creations/scripts/txtcounter/index.php | Jun-28-2020, 7:51 PM | pq/creations/scripts/txtcounter/index.php

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6 on May-23-2017, 6:06 AM

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Version 1.0, January 10 2007