Custom Trilogy Power Rating

How It Works

     The Custom Trilogy Ladder is basically a ladder or cuetech designed especially for Custom Trilogy. Games played on ESO are counted and scored for the players who win and lose in each game. Just like any other ladder, winning against others lower on the ladder will give less points, while winning against players much higher up the ladder will give you far more points. In Free for All games, points are compared between the winning player and the average of the losing players; points are evenly distributed between winner and losers (but not evenly between players). Uneven team games are not counted. Games with computer players are not counted. Games below 2 minutes are also not counted. Finally, all games must be started in either Age 1 or Nomad (the ages the game was designed for).

     The ladder is updated every 3 minutes. Games before the ladder have not been counted (ladder was not up yet). Points displayed per game is the amount each winning player receives and each losing player loses. If two values are present, the positive is the amount the winning player(s) receives, and the negative value is the amount each losing player loses.

     If you do not see your name in the list, then you haven't played any recent Custom Trilogy games. Also be sure to play the latest version of Custom Trilogy map for your game!

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