Easy Page Creator

Released: Sep 17, 2006

Type: / Script / Web / Tool /

Version: 1.4

This is the predecessor to the Mini Database Builder, which can easily be installed over existing databases (even those created with Easy Page Creator).  As a result, Easy Page Creator is no longer supported, and continuing users are recommended to upgrade.

     A powerful little script that can be used to easily add pages and entries to multiple databases.  It automatically indexes entries you add through a simple admin panel.  Entries are then sortable via any field and searchable.  Additional users can be added through the admin panel as well; all actions are logged and tracked.  Additional databases can be linked and are generated automatically.  Display modes can be quickly switched between chart and list.  Tons of features including backup, batch editing, XLS export, and more.  Script was created only for a few people.

This is the very script that powers this Creations Index.

Tags/Keywords: PHP, mySQL

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