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July 14, 2024, 06:20:18 PM
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Author Topic: Language Support  (Read 2164 times)
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« on: December 11, 2014, 05:42:09 AM »


First off, I want to thank you. I've been using a different Jeopardy game for some time, but needed one that had no application dependency and stumbled on your version. It's so much easier to use than many of the others out there. My daughter (who is using it for a class presentation) and I (who will be using it in a number of my classes) both thank you.

Now on to the question. Is there any way to enable Hebrew language support (including right to left direction) in either GameMaker or Jeopardy? I started looking at GameMaker, because it mentions multi-language support. But on reading it it mentioned a few specific languages. I did a short test (in both Jeopardy and GameMaker) where some category titles were English and some were Hebrew. The Hebrew ones showed as blank. Do I just need to set a different font? Or is there more to it than that?

Thanks again.
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« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2014, 10:00:03 PM »

This is from the readme.  The language support is based on the Flash implementation, so it might not work for all languages, as you have to be able to input the characters in notepad.

Using Your Own System Fonts and Languages
      Fonts and languages from your own computer can also be used.  The reason this isn't implemented in all text is because fonts not built into the program cannot be animated (such as the title).  Things to keep in mind:
      - Look for "sysfont" settings to set true.  The font will then be used from your computer instead of the program.
      - Unicode fonts like Arial have characters from nearly every language if you want more language support.
      - Other computers must have the font as well if you want to share.
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