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Author Topic: Site Standardized  (Read 6774 times)
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« on: December 09, 2006, 09:13:29 PM »

         The last section on the site that had still been using my lousy beginner html has finally been converted.   I can now say that every page on this site validates with the W3C Standards and displays correctly in nearly all browsers. Grin

         I might have missed a few pages on proper html  here and there, but the entire site should be mainly proper html.

         The last section was WiB.   It is also the first page on my site to start using XML.   For example, the source of the Episode 1 page (and other episode-related pages)  is actually the output from this xml file.

         Few more minor updates include forcing of www in the url to prevent duplicate entries in search engines (argh Yahoo! :p ) and quicklinks such as www.pftq.com/fortwars now work whether you have the slash at the end or not.

         Now that everything on the site is up to date, maybe next time I'll actually add something to it. :p
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