January 20th, 2007
Posted by pftq

AOM Guides Library, ID Viewer

Two new things to check out!

After being under the veil for over a week, the AOM Guides Library has been opened to the public. :p Actually it’s been done since the first day working on it, but Paperfriend and I had some problems obtaining permission to host peoples’ guides. For now, we’re just posting summaries and linking to the full guide instead (unless we have the author’s permission, in which we snag every word off the original text and take it for our own mwahaha!).

Anyways here’s a quote from Paperfriend’s official announcement:

The library of guides
on pftq.com

Dear fellow forummers, recently, I have made a list of guides. Nearly 100 guides easily accesable.

However, this can be made even easier: pftq is giving part of his site available to host these guides. It comes with a search function, that can sort by game, title, author, discovery date, keywords, and more.

And you can help:
There are easily over a 150 guides to add to the library, next to things like styling, and we can’t do that by ourselves: That is why we are asking you to help.
If you want to help, please make a post saying so, and we hope to give you acces as soon as possible.

What more can you do:
If you have written any guide at all, please give us permission to host it. You will be given full credit, and your whole guide can be searched for keywords. Which is easier for people needing a guide.

So please, help us to help others,
Paperfriend and pftq.

The library is located here, at https://www.pftq.com/aomguides.



The recent trigger effect/conditions I’ve released all require an ID number to specify the unit class/type you wish to use. Unfortunately, there really isn’t such a list around.

Fortunately for you - I’ve created another effect, this time, a search engine that finds the ID of any unit type/class you want!

ID Viewer Effect


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