October 21st, 2012
Posted by pftq

Tech Trader with AI and Multithreading

Some pretty major updates in the latest version of Tech Trader, the program I've been working on for about half a year now to automate my technical analysis in trading stocks.

The most impressive improvements currently are the AI and the parallelization of scanning multiple stocks.  The AI is still in its basic stages but can easily find the best set of configurations for any given strategy; the next step is to have it come up with a new strategy altogether just from raw data.  Batch processing of stocks was limited previously by instability if multithreading was turned on, but that has been cleared and the batch processing even sped up to allow the maximum threads your system can handle.  At one point for me at least, there were up 25 stocks being scanned simultaneously; a trendline scan for every stock in the S&P100 takes under a minute to complete.

All in all, very fun stuff - can't wait to put this to use during market hours. Grin
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