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Android Resources

Rooting, restoring system apps, etc...

Below are some resources I found useful to clean out my phone and also repair when things go wrong.

Phone Apps

GPS Test - Fix GPS problems by going to settings and hitting "Clear AGPS".  I have no idea why this works but it fixed not being able to locate GPS on my Galaxy Nexus.

Juice Defender - For saving battery by automatically turning off 3/4G when connected to Wifi and turning off both if your screen is off.

Google News and Weather - Original stock app that came with Android 4.2 and below before being removed in 4.3 and above. Luckily can be installed by just running the apk file.

Number Saver - For dialing numbers you have copied (for whatever reason, the default dialer doesn't let you paste phone numbers).

Root Explorer - For browsing to any file on the phone and moving/copying files as needed.

Titanium Backup - For creating backups and deleting bloatware.

Web Resources

Files Not Refreshing or Showing on PC - How to refresh the phone cache if files don't show to PC for transferring.

Reinstalling System Apps - Easiest way is to use Root Explorer and locate the files using the phone (instead of command prompt on computer).  System apks for LG/Metro can be redownloaded here.

Restoring LG Connect to Factory - Software solution to restoring the phone to factory/stock build.

Rooting LG Connect - Easy one-click patch to root the phone.

Safely Removable Bloatware - Junk that you can remove without messing up your system.
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Added on Jul 21, 2012 | Last Updated Feb 18, 2019


SocialTech360 says...

I never had a problem until I did a factory reset, since then it hhas been impossible to get a fix on the gps location

Abc says...

You should specify which Android phone. Posts like this make all Androids look like they have crappy GPS. While my Incredible has great GPS signal.

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